Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ode to Dr. Joe

I'll preface this post by saying that my husband sort of made fun of my excitement about this tonight. All I can say is, it's the little things in life that make me happy.

I love it when things just seem to work out...

I took my son to his pediatrician this afternoon. I made a mental note of what time I needed to leave work and then pick him up from school in time to make it to the doctor's office by 2:00. I totally got the time mixed up, for some reason, and left about 45 minutes later than I should have. I was going to be really late to the appointment and I was afraid they wouldn't be able to see him. He was feeling so miserable, though, and I knew he had to go!

After racing the clock for nearly an hour trying to get there on time, I finally decided to call them and confess my dimwittedness. (Is "dimwittedness" a word?) The lady I spoke to was very nice. She said that it was an unusually slow afternoon and as long as we could get there within the hour, we'd be fine.

Why couldn't I have just done that to begin with?

I don't know.

Would have saved me a lot of grief.

We finally arrived and went straight back to see Dr. Joe. (We never go straight back to see Dr. Joe.) We had just been to see him in March with the same symptoms, only this time they were more severe. So, thanks to us being the only ones in his office at the time, Dr. Joe studied my son's medical file and then talked with us at length about his long history of sinus issues and what we need to do next. I felt grateful that he cared enough to spend that kind of time with us.

So many doctors just herd you in and herd you out like cattle that it's so refreshing to sit and talk to a one who actually listens to you and genuinely cares. He didn't have to talk with us to the extent he did. But he did, and I appreciate it. Really, even on not-so-slow days, Dr. Joe is not one to rush through an exam. But today, he had a little extra time and he spent it with us.

It just seemed like God worked it all out for us today. I love it when that happens.



  1. That nice, personal treatment is getting rarer all the time. Can't wait for Obamacare to totally kick in ;-) Those poor doctors! (and their patients).

    Cute photo! :-)

  2. Hi Christa ~

    I will say a little prayer for your son. I Love it too when it feels like God is there helping us through those little struggles in life.

    Blessing to you too,