Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Is Coming


I've had such a wonderful day and I'm so glad it's Friday night! Friday night means I can stay up later than normal, can sleep until I wake up, rather than being rudely awakened by the alarm clock, and I can enjoy my Saturday morning coffee while browsing my favorite blogs. Friday nights are what I wait for all week.

Since Friday means fun to me, I thought I'd share some fun photos from last Christmas. This is the best time of year for me, by far. I love everything about the holidays. Everything except the fact that, living in the south, we never, ever have a white Christmas. Never, that is, until last year.

(these photos are straight from the camera and have not been edited, so please forgive the bad composition, poor lighting, and power lines)

Shortly after we opened our gifts on Christmas morning, we looked out the window and saw this...

Can you see them??

By golly, it's a blizzard outside!

This is the little country church across the road from our house. I just liked the way it looked in the snow.

I'm sure some folks from the north probably laughed hysterically at all the bumpkins down here getting so excited about a few flakes in the air. I spent a couple of winters in upstate New York, so I know how brutal the weather can be up there. I also recall the most beautiful of the many snowfalls being the very first of the season. Seemingly in slow motion, it falls so gently to the ground. It was so peaceful. And, other than the birth of my boys there, it was my fondest memory of life in that little northern town.

I think that's the appeal of these little snowfalls we get in the south. It isn't the amount of snow we get. It's the wonder of seeing the beauty of it falling from the sky and spreading a beautiful white blanket over the ground.

Plus, we don't have to deal with the black snow on the side of the roads in May.

We didn't really have enough snow to build a snowman or anything, but it sure was a sight to behold, for a little while, anyway.


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  1. Hi Christa, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I imagine seeing that snow was such a delight. I live in the midwest and our snow lasts a few days and then everything gets yucky. We get about five snows a season. The first one is pretty, after that...well, I am not a fan of winter. Some of my best blogging friends live in Georgia.